Because our seafood is fresh and seasonal its availability depends on what’s caught and what’s in season. If you’d like us to source something not listed here please get in touch and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Products with a * next to them were awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards 2014.

Customer price list

Retailers: please get in touch if you’d like a wholesale price list.

Fresh  Price per Kg Smoked  Price per Kg
Fresh Haddock Fillets £19.50 Smoked Haddock* £19.50
Fresh Cod Cheeks £14.95 Smoked Salmon 200g* £8.50
Fresh Cod Fillet £19.95 Smoked Roast Trout £21.00
Organic Salmon Fillet £21.95 Smoked Roast Trout Fillets £24.00
Salmon Fillet £20.95 Smoked Roast Salmon £28.50
Fresh Mackerel £10.50 Smoked Roast Mackerel* £19.50
Fresh Seabass whole £21.00 Smoked Cods Roe £22.50
Fresh Seabream whole £16.00 Kippers £14.00
Fresh Scallops £32.50 Fish Pates / Spreads
Fresh Turbot £21.50 Smoked Mackeral Pate £18.50
Fresh Brill £18.95 Smoked Salmon Pate £22.50
Fresh Lemon Sole £18.50 Taramasalata £17.50
Fresh Plaice Fillets £21.00 Crayfish Tails in a spicy Sauce £23.50
Fresh Trout Whole £12.95 Sweet Cured Herring £22.50
Fresh Trout Fillets £17.95 Smoked Fishcakes £2.25each
Fresh Mussels £6.75 Plain Fishcakes £2.25 each
Fresh Wolf Fish £15.75 Spicy Crabcakes £2.25 each
Smoked Olive Oil 250ml £2.95 per bottle
Smoked Garlic £1.50 per bulb

Our trading terms are payment on delivery for your first order then seven days on account. Due to the nature of the fishing industry we pay for all of our fish on delivery so we’re unable to extend our credit terms beyond seven days. Thanks.